Word on the Lake Writing Contest 2017 Winners

  • Chris McMahen:  First Place Winner for FictionThe Day My Aunt Florence Rode an Elevator with Bobby Orr
  • Neil McKinnon: Second Place Winner for FictionDriving to Newfoundland
  • Lindsay Wagensveld: Honourable Mention for Fiction, Canadian Spirit
  • Angelika M. Offenwanger:  First Place Winner for Nonfiction, Our Home and Chosen Land
  • Carol Tulpar: Second Place Winner for Nonfiction, I am Canadian
  • Cathy Sosnowsky: Honourable Mention for Nonfiction, Telling Tales
  • Ray Hudson: First Place  for Poetry, Beat of the Heart (Royal Hudson)
  • Jaki Sawyer: Second Place for Poetry, Remembering 1950’s
  • Alvin Ens: Honourable Mention for Poetry, Westjet Peep Show