Here is a selection of feedback comments on the 2016 Word on the Lake Writers’ Festival


  • This is my first writing conference; I am in the midst of my first book. This weekend has propelled me forward.
  • All the presenters were down to earth and friendly. They were happy to chat or give added information after their workshops.
  • A big thank you to all the sponsors, to SAW, the festival committee and the volunteers, I loved the festival.
  • My Blue Pencil session was a real treat, so personally useful and memorable.
  • I met so many interesting peoplw and heard so many reasons for writing.
  • It renewed my interest and need to write. I used to think no one was listening.
  • This has been a fantastic event!
  • Everyone was friendly, helpful, welcoming.
  • There was such a range of completely different presenters.
  • I am so happy I attended this event. I had a hard time choosing between workshops…this is a GOOD thing!
  • Very very happy I came to this festival, thank you.I learned a lot and I think I have stepped up a few steps towards being a better writer


  • Alyson Quinn-completely unexpected! Challenging and extremely well presented.Sensitive, perceptive approach which brought out emotions in me I didn’t know Ihad.
  • Susan Fox- really well organised and presented.A relevant refresher for me
  • Ted Bishop-fascinating AND I understood why my novel was blocked.Loved his sense of humour
    • Loved The Conversation with Ted Bishop keep this discussion format instead of regular Sunday Keynote.
    • Hand on event. Love the topic and the book Social Life of Ink.
  • Michael Slade-suspense, relevant, extremely interesting and entertaining to boot.
  • Arthur Slade-introduced me to a mysterious world
  • Jodie Renner-excellent info. great handouts.
  • Robert J.Sawyer-dynamic speaker. Novel to script excellent info. and clesr differences were well outlined. I learned a ton of stuff.
  • Alan Twigg & Robert J. Sawyer presented totally opposite point of view, fascinating.Both well presented
  • Alan Twigg-This was fascinating , what a great overview of books in BC. I was so impressed by the talent we have here in our province. Thank you Alan.
  • Bernei Hucul-well prepared and presented. Just what I needed to know for getting my ms. Ready for the printer.
  • Jodi McIsaac-concrete useful information about different ways to structure a story. Excellent presenter.
  • Howard White-he gave me the needed insights into writing a family memoir. Really good presenter knowledgeable and very approachable. Enjoyed this so much. He has a great style.
  • Joelle Anthony– A real workshop we actually got to write , the there were the oranges working on our senses….fun.


  • Alyson Quinn- Superb organization. A deep pleasure to be part of the festival. Thank you.I am deeply impressed by the sense of community with the volunteers, the well orchestrated organisation and the warmth and helpfulness of every committee member.
  • Jodie Renner-Excellent festival. Excellent communication and coordination.
  • Ted Bishop–  Great weekend. A very friendly group. Someone brought me walnut ink.
  • Michael Slade-Keep doing what you are doing: runs like a well oiled machine. Perfect location.
  • Alan Twigg-My six Blue pencil sessions were all excellent experiences for both participants. Worth the trip.
  • Joelle Anthony-Thanks for a wonderful conference. You all made it so much fun!
  • Jodi McIsaac-(verbal feedback) Great festival.Well organized. So glad I came.

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