Presenters participating in the Blue Pencil Café will be available for 20-minute one-on-one sessions during Saturday. You are allowed one session, which is included in your registration fee. This is a great opportunity to have a writing professional go over your work with you in an informal and relaxed setting.

The Blue Pencil Café will be at the Prestige Harbourfront Resort and Convention Centre on Saturday, May 8th, 2021

Book early to avoid disappointment.

Most presenters take part in the Blue Pencil Café; however, spaces are limited. Indicate your 3 presenter selections in order of preference on your registration form.

The Blue Pencil Coordinator will contact you prior to the festival and inform you:

  • which presenter your appointment is with
  • where to send your writing sample, if required.
  • the time and location for your appointment.
  • The coordinator will also let you know of any specific requirements for your session. Most presenters, for example, require work to be pre-submitted. Additionally, you need to bring two copies of no more than six pages of your manuscript to the festival.

Format: Font name: Times New Roman, Font size: 12, Spacing: double-spaced, Margins: standard

Deadline for the Blue Pencil bookings is April 24, 2021.

Last-minute bookings can be done during the festival if there are spaces available. Check with the Blue Pencil table. It is open Friday 3-5 pm and Saturday 8-4 pm.

Blue Pencil Participants

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