Here is a selection of feedback comments on the 2017 Word on the Lake Writers’ Festival


  • Thank you for this feast of wonderful presenters. The 2017 Word on the Lake was a beneficial and memorable gathering of the tribes.
  • Brilliantly done! So happy to be invited.
  • This was my first time at a writers’ festival. It was really great to meet writers of all descriptions-to see them on stage , but also share a meal with & learn from( especially Patrick Taylor & Gail Anderson Dargatz.
  • I really enjoyed the intimate feel and the friendliness of the presenters and attendees. I loved the speed meeting concept. Thank you . Well done.
  • This year’s festival had a great set of choices… we were spoiled for choice. Hard to choose which workshop to take.
  • I for one love the length of the festival weekend. It is an effort to get here from Nelson, and is so appreciated. It was so helpful to me. Many thanks to everyone.
  • Loved the Speed Meet! Gleaned much info/opinions/suggestions re writing on a personal basis.
  • Suggest seating in the round for the readings.
  • This festival improves each time
  • Always inspiring, thank you.
  • Some longer workshops/sessions would be good.


  • Theresa Kishkan  An excellent presenter, her style is personal and intimate. The Six Sentences workshop was such a great exercise in creating stories. She is very encouraging and also constructive with her comments and suggestions. Good teaching device.Only one complaint…90 minutes was too short for this workshop.
  • Jacqueline Guest. Excellent. So informative. Practical engaging, passionate, generous. You can bring her back anytime.
  • John Vaillant. Fantastic! Amazing! Inspired me.
  • Sheri-D Wilson. Amazing presenter.Great hands on workshop.Loved her fresh approach & intense performance style.Something new. Hands-on, experiential. Inspiration, zest for life, the joy of the spoken word! TOO SHORT! Bring her back again for longer sessions.
  • Jill Veitch. A gold mine of information. Excellent practical informative and encouraging.
  • Halli Lilburn. A new genre to me, loved it. Gave me something to take back to my students.
  • Gail Anderson Dargatz Very informative. Gail adapted to her audience and made it fit our needs.Great presentation. Loved the goodie bags! Lots of substance.
  • Anna Comfort O’Keeffe. Very helpful. Good tips for where I am as a writer. Great to benefit from Anna’s expertise. Well presented.
  • Cea Sunrise Person.Well organised, clear presenter, Useful. The basics of storytelling were well taught.Positive & professional. Bring her back.I am writing a memoir and found Cea’s workshop to be very helpful. So much useful information.
  • Kelly & Blu Hopkins. Brilliant new approach. Great exchange of songwriting ideas. Well organised and presented.Supportive, helpful. Shared their knowledge& experiences. Loved it.
  • Patrick Taylor  Excellent. Interesting. Amusing. Loved the large print handouts! Funny, useful, inspiring. The Setting in Fiction workshop was a good reminder of what I know/should know.
  • Paul Aitken Extremely interesting and informative…not enough time. Bring him back next year.


  • Myrna Kostash- A very big and loud thank-you for having invited me to the festival and then for having taken such good care of me: your hospitality was superb and your future invitees are going to be very lucky people.
  • George Opacic – Brilliantly done! So happy to be invited.
  • Sheri-D Wilson- Thank you so much for inviting me to your festival! it was truly amazing and I enjoyed every moment…
  • Patrick Taylor- Now I am back at my desk I wanted to thank you for inviting me to one of the most enjoyable festivals that is has been my privilege to attend.You and your committee are to be congratulated. With my very best wishes.
  • Halli Lilburn – I had a great time. I would travel to this festival anytime.
  • Lorelei Fiset – I want to also congratulate the committee for an excellent conference. The workshops I attended were inspiring.   I highly enjoyed the round table where the attendees moved around, and I actually feel I was able to add value to each one who visited my table, even moreso than during the workshop
  • Theresa Kishkan – Excellent festival. Well organised as usual. We were so well looked after.
  • Jacqueline Guest – Well done, as always. I love this festival.

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