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Gary Geddes speaks from the heart Networking in the hallway Ineke Hughes introduces her all time fave author

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Feedback from 2014 Festival

A Selection of feedback comments from presenters and attendees, 51% of feedback forms returned.

Overall rating from presenters and attendees was Excellent.

  • Fantastic Conference chaps! Really good participants, high quality writing. Terrfic hospitality and entertainment. Presenters are like sheep …need to be told where to go and when!
  • The festival was a great experience for me. The size and intimacy of the festival was great. It was nice to have a variety of presenters-theatre, music, genres.
  • Excellent! A wonderful combo of music, writing, performance. Keep it intimate!
  • Time of workshops a little short for exercises. (Perhaps we need to return to the previous workshop time of 90 minutes? Festival Chair)
  • Thank you for making me a part of this wonderful experience. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’d love to come back.
  • Loved the Ladies of the Shuswap singers!
  • Impressed with the smooth coordination of events.
  • Diana Gabaldon’s workshops all inspired me to continue writing.
  • One location would be better for the whole festival.
  • Workshops were all worth going to. Great selection of presenters.
  • Fabulous- definitely worth traveling to.
  • Howard White delivered great info on statistics, publishing in the digital age and advice for publishing now.
  • Loved the new location for the Coffee House! Intermission space too small to mingle and meet.
  • Gary Geddes provided us with notes. It would be great if more presenters did this. A privilege to listed to all these presenters. Thank you for the opportunity.
  • My second year here. Presenters and Blue pencil editors are very supportive and professional.
  • More gluten free choices are needed. (We will try to do this in 2015 Chair)
  • Inclusive atmosphere…so encouraging
  • The information shared is priceless.
  • Keep up the good work. This was top rate. Exceptional volunteers and organizers (Thank you! Chair)
  • Advertise more in the Kootenays. (Will do! Chair)
  • Would like more working sessions as in master classes, next year.
  • Consider for next year’s lineup… a Canadian Keynote or International and younger presenters, Rap, spoken word.