Jodi McIsaac - presenter
Alan Twigg, - presenter
James Bowlby being creative
Susan & Kimberly selling lots of books.
Shelley & Elaine in charge of Blue Pencil Cafe
Musicians Nathan Tinkman - presenter & Blu Hopkins
Ronn Boeur, technical guru and in charge of traffic control at buffets. 'Gotta keep an eye on these writer types.
Busy place!
Michael Slade thriller super sleuth - presenter
Blue pencil session with Howard White- presenter
Alyson Quinn- presenter
Crowds of young readers
Karen Bissenden organiser of Kidswrite a competition open to Shuswap & Vernon School Districts
Kidswrite winners reading their work at the Awards Ceremony
A group of the Kidswrite winners
Book signing event
Joanell Clarke festival Co-chair & Saturday Night MC
Joelle Anthony entertaining us all at the Saturday banquet
Writing Contest Sponsor, David Askew & Mary-Lou McCausland organiser
Michael Slade telling thrilling tales of justice and mystery
Nathan Tinkham at the banquet
Closing ceremony, Sunday
Joëlle Anthony
Ted Bishop
Susan Fox
Arthur Slade and Judith Benson
Robert J. Sawyer
Ted Bishop signing his book with his homemade ink
Ted Bishop holding a gall nut
Shawn making ink
Grinding the gall nuts
Michael Slade
Presenter Panel (l-r) Arthur Slade, Jodie Renner, Alan Twigg, Bernie Hucul and Howard White
Kay Johnston
Prize winner at the closing ceremony
Ken Firth at the closing ceremony
Elvia Picco
Networking and fun