Karen Y. Barnstable

Educator, Author, Writing Instructor

Karen believes strongly in the personal insights that memoir writing can bring to writers. She realized the unseen silver threads that connected her life choices as she began writing her life stories. This memoir Seeking Silver was published in 2020 by Castle Quay Books after winning the honour of the five best new manuscripts of 2019 by the Word Guild. She published her first children’s book Winston Wonders in 2021.

Karen is an educator with a master’s degree in teaching and learning. She has assisted with the development of many post-secondary online courses and now offers her online course “Writing a Memoir – Step by Step” with University of Victoria. Barnstable thoroughly enjoys reading true life stories and coaching writers through the process of writing their memoir.  

Blog:  https://kbarnstable.wordpress.com

Book:  https://www.castlequaybooks.com/products/seeking-silver-1?_pos=1&_sid=c99b68cae&_ss=r

Online Writing Course: