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The winners of the 2015 Askew’s Foods’ Word on the Lake Writing Contest


  1. First Place – Caroline Miege for Part 1 of Farming Hope, The Salt of the Earth
  2. Honourable Mention: Patricia Smekal for Paso Doble


  1. First Place – Katie Marti for True North Strong
  2. Honourable Mention – Shawn L. Bird for Ghost Dancer


  1. First Place – Cathy MacLean for Educating Mom
  2. Honourable Mention – Barclay Alldred for Red Shoes

Writing for Young People:

  1. First Place – Katie Marti for Tell Me Something I Don’t Know
  2. Honourable Mention – Ellen G. Davies for Shaun In Charge

We would like to thank our Judges: Jodie Renner, Deanna Kawatski, Duncan Lowe, Peter Budda and Shelley Corbin. We also thank all the contestants who made this a successful writing contest.