Kenthen Thomas

Special Guest

Kenthen Thomas is a proud member of the Secwepemc Nation. His Grandparents are Dr. Mary Thomas, Mark Thomas, Herbie and Vera Johnny. His Parents are Phyllis and Gerry Thomas.

A teacher by trade, he is a teacher on call for Shihiya Elementary in Enderby, BC. He is also an educator in the traditional ways of storytelling and a theatrical actor. He has performed with the likes of Secwepemc Dream Weavers Theatre of SFU. The Secwepemc Theatre out Squilax, and the Senclip Native Theatre out of Vernon, BC. Most recently he did a production with Caravan Farm Theatre out of Armstrong. Kenthen began acting in high school and carried onto the art of storytelling adding a mix of the traditional along with the art of acting mixing it all together. He was 19 when he learned his first story and it has carried on for 20+ years. The story was, “How Bear and Coyote Make Day and Night.” He now knows more than 30 stories from all over the world and, respectfully, the Secwepemc nation.