Howard White

Historian, poet, essayist, editor, publisher and children's author

Howard White is a historian, poet, essayist, editor, publisher and children’s author who with his wife Mary founded the journal Raincoast Chronicles in 1972 and Harbour Publishing in 1974. In 2013 he became co-owner and publisher of Douglas and McIntyre (2013) Ltd. His books include The Men There Were Then (Arsenal, 1980), Hard Man to Beat (Arsenal, 1980), Writing in the Rain (Harbour, 1991), Patrick and the Backhoe (Harbour, 1991), Ghost in the Gears (Harbour, 1993), The Airplane Ride (Harbour, 2006), The Sunshine Coast (Harbour, 2011), A Mysterious Humming Noise (Anvil, 2019)and Here on the Coast (Harbour, 2021).

He has received the Order of British Columbia, the Order of Canada, the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour and holds an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Victoria. He lives in Pender Harbour with his wife Mary.