Sex and Violence: A workshop for writing the hottest action

‘Character in action’ ticks all the boxes. It entertains, while advancing the plot and revealing the character. Combining two of his favourite workshops – ‘Write the Good Fight’ and ‘The Sex Scene’, Chris (CC) Humphreys will demonstrate the arts of fighting and f******. How a character fights can reveal as much about them as how they make love. A chance to delve into the dark side, perhaps? To broaden and deepen? Fight and Sex scenes are a huge opportunity for any writer. To confirm a suspicion – or to startle with a revelation; and ‘Character in Peril’ keeps the pages turning. What are the stakes in any love scene? A pleasant interlude or something more significant? And fighting, in its various forms, from the duel to the slap, is almost as essential a feature in today’s novels as lovemaking. But how do you get it right when you don’t know one end of a rapier from the other? (Warning: the pointy bit hurts!) With a few, eh hem, personal props, Chris will guide you in the art of writing the hottest action.  (Warning: there may be rude words and descriptions of a sexual and/or violent nature. This workshop is not for the easily offended… or the fainthearted. But it will be a lot of fun!)