A Taste of Food writing

Do you love to cook and love to write? Dream of sharing your recipes in a cookbook?

When nearly any recipe is a Google search away, readers look to cookbooks for more than just recipes. They are there to be enjoyed and to inspire.

Fusing technical writing with creative prowess, while avoiding the many, many culinary cliches, writing about food is not always easy as pie (oops!).  Topics include voice, precision, creativity as well as considerations in testing recipes and pitching your brilliant idea to publishers.

Workshop presenter Anna Comfort O’Keeffe is the daughter of a successful cookbook author (who taught her from a tender age that when in doubt, more butter is better and to never, ever use the phrase “mouth-watering”. With this early advantage, she published her first recipe in Canadian Living at age 9 and since then, she has edited many bestselling cookbooks (while some of the vegan recipes were butter-free, none contained that forbidden phrase).