A festival for all writers and readers – Join us May 19-21, 2023

Welcome! The admission doors are open for festival registrants

NOTE – you will need the password you received in your confirmation email.

If you registered and paid to attend the full festival, click this button choose the individual workshops you wish to attend, and the public events.

If you have registered and paid for one or more of the public events only, click this button to sign up for the individual event(s) you wish to attend.

Admission to the festival sessions will be by password only. You will receive your password with your registration confirmation email. Do not lose it or share it as they are attached to your identity only.

Preparation for admission

  • Preview the schedule pdf ahead of time so you know what you are interested in attending
  • Make sure you have downloaded Zoom (it’s free) to your laptop/tablet well in advance of the festival.
  • Practice if you haven’t used Zoom before. It’s easy. Really!
  • Check that your Zoom screen name matches the name you registered with (not “Mom’s iPad” or “Home account” or something similar!)
    • After April 16, you will be able to view all the workshops and events by clicking the appropriate button above.
    • You will see that every session has its own button which links directly to your selected session.
    • On the day & time of your session, arrive at least 10 minutes early and check-in by clicking the button provided, you will enter the waiting room.
    • Your host will verify your registration & let you into the session.