Letting in the Muse…and paying attention! ***MASTER CLASS

Prestige Harbourfront Resort - Monashee Room May 11, 2019 9:20 am - 12:30 pm

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Linda Kidder

How do we do that? Ideas come from everywhere. Linda will share with you how she has learnt to ‘go with the muse’. “I pay attention to what flies out of my mouth, or someone else’s…brilliant things…what tune starts playing in my head. I do my best to record these melodies and or lyrics the moment I receive them as they slip away if I don’t record them immediately. There are short poems or 1 line jotted down. I wrote a song once from a letter I wrote and never sent. I’ve also written a couple of stream of consciousness songs, really amazing experience!” have you something in the back of your mind or a poem you are working on…change your focus and find the song? Linda encourages everyone to bring bits of lyric/poetry or snatches of melodies, all ideas welcome!