How to Make Your Writing New, Unexpected, Fresh, and Better

May 9, 2020 -

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Sarah de Leeuw

DATE and TIME – to be confirmed

Eloquence through Estrangement

Poet and physician William Carlos Williams once wrote that “what the artist does applies to everything, every day, everywhere… to quicken and elucidate, to fortify and enlarge [life] and to make it eloquent” (quoted in Jamison 2019, 116). In this hands-on and writing-focused workshop, the emphasis is on quickening and elucidating, fortifying and enlarging: expect to leave with new ways of thinking about and undertaking word-work; expect to leave with concrete ways to avoid cliché and think differently about the act of writing; expect to understand how to bring lyric principles and poetic possibilities to the non-poetic, the ordinary, and the every day. This workshop weaves together techniques from poetry with methods and practices more commonly found in literary non-fiction. Be sure to bring a sample of writing (no more than 1 page, preferably under 500 words) written by an author you admire – if you forget, a sample of writing will be provided along with a number of writing prompts. Be prepared to WRITE during this workshop – bring paper and pens or pencils. You’re welcome to bring a laptop, but paper and pens/pencils are essential.