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Gift Certificates on sale until noon on February 28th, 2016


Choose from Package A, B or C
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PLEASE NOTE: you do not have to have a Paypal account to purchase using a credit card.
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Adobe PDFIf you prefer, you can print out this form and send us a cheque in the mail.

Word on the Lake Sample Gift Certificate 2016

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR A WRITER Christmas, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, or just because…

Choose one of the following packages:
A. Full Festival Registration* ($170) at less than the Early Bird members’ price and Saturday Night Banquet ($40)
Total $210  (a saving of $65 over full registration price)
B. Full Festival Registration* Only – no Banquet Total $170
C. Saturday Night Banquet Only Total $45

*Full Registration includes: Coffee House, opening ceremony, workshops, lunch, book signings, blue pencil session with the presenter of your choice.

Be registered prior to the opening of registration.

Recipient’s name will appear on the registration list upon receipt of payment, but will still need to register on line/by mail to provide needed information.

Gift Certificates Instructions (will also be mailed with the actual Gift Certificate)

Registration is automatic upon receipt of payment

The owner of the certificate must fill out a registration form including the certificate code (provided with your certificate) by April 30th 2016 so that we can provide lunch tickets, book blue pencil appointments etc before the festival commences.

If you have purchased the certificate for someone else their name will be on the certificate, if it has been provided, otherwise it will show the purchaser’s name. NB The name on the certificate is the name of the person who will be registered.

All certificates will have a number on them.

If you have any questions please contact me and make sure to include the certificate number. Shirley DeKelver

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