Write the Good Fight or Why Should the Boys Have all the Fun?

Prestige Harbourfront Resort - Hudson Room May 12, 2018 11:00 am -

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Chris (C.C.) Humphreys

Fighting, in its various forms, from the duel to the slap, is almost as essential a feature in today’s novels as lovemaking. But how do you get it right when you don’t know one end of a rapier from the other? (Warning: the pointy bit hurts!)In this hands-on, blades-drawn workshop, fight choreographer, actor and novelist C.C. (Chris) Humphreys will take you through the dangerous art of fight writing. Unashamedly admitting that he got into acting so he could ‘leap around with bladed weaponry’, Chris has fought with a variety of weapons including net and trident in a colliseum in the Roman epic “A.D.” and a broadsword as an immortal in “Highlander”. While in his novels he has handled muskets at Saratoga, battle axes at Hastings and lances on the plains of Wallachia. So he will demonstrate how to turn research, from walking the battlefields to wielding the weapons, into pages of exciting storytelling. Yet the technical aspects are only one part of it; in any novel it is the character’s development that most intrigues. How a character fights can reveal as much about them as how they make love. A chance to delve into the dark side, perhaps? To broaden and deepen? Join Chris as he shares ways to get your characters into the hottest action – and out the other side.