The Romance Novel, It’s Trending Sub-genres

Prestige Harbourfront Resort - Monashee Room May 12, 2018 11:00 am -

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Patricia A. Donahue

Romance novel? Think formula! They go hand-in-hand. Ah! But in the last two decades, while remaining faithful to the outline, romance writing has spawned offspring types unseen in the past. Technological advances have made an impact even in this genre of literature. Stories creatively incorporate new technologies to advance plot, tighten suspense, and create modern, avant-garde characters. Eclectic heroines drawn from the Xena, and Wonder Woman ilk are portrayed as ‘on a mission’. Some stories race at such break-neck speed as to leave the reader questioning the very planet on which they unfold. This hands-on, fun workshop will present the established formula of romance writing with a concerted focus on snappy, and usually shorter, versions of the genre. Join in! Be inspired! Ignite a catchy love adventure. Bring on that smile of a writer’s delight.

This workshop will also be presented on Sunday