The Art of Oral Storytelling. Engaging an audience through the art of oral story telling

Prestige Harbourfront Resort - Seymour Room May 12, 2018 1:45 pm -

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James Murray

The Art of Oral Storytelling Workshop is a 90 minute interactive, hands-on workshop where participants will learn how to better present stories to an audience. It is designed to help anyone who wishes to step up to a microphone and effectively share their oral story with audiences of all sizes. Participants will learn about technology and techniques used in oral storytelling including the proper use of a microphone, types of mics, cadence and vocal expression, the importance of eye contact, hand gestures and facial expressions as well as the intentional use of pauses and the all important use of humour. Participants will also have an opportunity to work together in groups to create a story which they will then present to the rest of the audience using skills they have learned during the workshop.

Storyteller James Murray brings together a wealth of personal and educational experiences that can be used, reused and reinvented by workshop participants to then share their own stories in a manner that will delight their audiences.

This workshop will also be presented on Sunday